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Have you ever thought about just how many things can go wrong when you are in the middle of a move? It isn't always easy to streamline your experience, but if you know how to prepare properly, you can avoid a world of hassle. I started focusing more and more on moving and storage about a year ago, and it really helped me to prevent issues when I was faced with a relocation. I wanted to create a new blog all about moving without all of the complications most people endure. Check out this website for new information that could help you.


How To Streamline Your Move When You Have Movers Helping

15 September 2017
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Movers are hired to help you move. This is true. However, if you stop to think about it, they cannot exactly do their jobs effectively if you are not ready at all to move. Think how it might seem to hire two movers to come to your home on moving day, and you have absolutely NOTHING packed. It will take three times as long to move! Here is how you can streamline your move, and help your movers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Read More …

How To Pack Your Shoes For Moving Day

14 September 2017
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Your shoes are a large part of your wardrobe, and can take up a whole lot of space within your home. Further, shoes need to be properly cared for in order to maintain their appearance despite constant wear. These two problems become perhaps the most pronounced on moving day, when you have to pack all of your shoes into as little space as possible and do so in a manner that ensures that they don't become damaged while in transit. Read More …