How To Streamline Your Move When You Have Movers Helping

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How To Streamline Your Move When You Have Movers Helping

15 September 2017
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Movers are hired to help you move. This is true. However, if you stop to think about it, they cannot exactly do their jobs effectively if you are not ready at all to move. Think how it might seem to hire two movers to come to your home on moving day, and you have absolutely NOTHING packed. It will take three times as long to move! Here is how you can streamline your move, and help your movers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Inform Your Movers of Special Moving Equipment You Need

If you have an enormous refrigerator, freezer chest, or piano, you need special dollies to move these items. If you do not tell the moving companies' movers that you have these cumbersome items, the movers will not arrive ready to move these items for you. That causes some delays in the moving process because then the movers have to go back to the office to get the special equipment. Notify the movers in advance so that there is no interruption in your moving services.

Disassemble Most Furniture

Beds, dressers, wardrobes, tables, etc., can all be disassembled for moving purposes. You can conservatively take things apart, but just make sure the pieces can fit through the doors in the house or apartment. Stack the pieces to each furniture item together and against a wall. When the movers arrive, they can plastic-wrap each stack together and carry it out as one or two units to the truck. You can even do this with beds the night before, since you really only need to sleep on the box spring and mattress of your bed.

Stage Each Room

Place boxes ready for packing around a room. Label every box for that room so that the movers can keep all of the boxes for a room together. If you want, number the boxes so you know exactly how many boxes need to reappear at the new residence. It creates less anxiety for both you and the movers. Also, place stacks of newspaper and/or tissue paper near breakable items so that the movers know that you expect these items to be wrapped and transported safely.

Place Rolls of Packing Tape in Every Room

Nobody likes tracking down where the packing tape went, especially right in the middle of moving day. Buy a roll of packing tape for every room and mark the roll for the room in which it is supposed to stay. Everyone helping to pack can have a roll and a room, so that nobody is confusing anything or taking supplies from another room. If a room is completely packed up and on the truck, the tape roll and mover for that room moves to the next room and the next until all the tape is gone and/or the whole house or apartment is packed up and on the truck.

Get Pets out of the Way

Cats will run through open doors to the outside and dogs will completely get underfoot. On moving day, put the pets in a room where they cannot run away or cause problems for your movers. The bathroom is usually the best option. Otherwise, move the pets into the new place the day before, and then put them in the new bathroom over there. They will be much safer and your movers will not trip, fall, or accidentally let your animals out of the house.

Send the Kids to Grandma's

If you have younger children, send them to stay with a friend or relative, like Grandma. Young children always want to help, but they have a tendency to slow things up considerably (e.g., trying to help pack but break things, constantly asking the movers questions, etc.). Older children (i.e., teenagers), can help with the move because the are able to handle things more carefully and will not bother everyone else who is trying to pack up.

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