How Much Should You Budget For Storage?

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How Much Should You Budget For Storage?

27 September 2017
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A budget is helpful for every type of financial venture, and self-storage in no difference. Creating a budget for your self-storage will ensure that you do not end up paying more than you need to. How much you pay for storage usually depends on the type of self-storage room and the size of it.

Figure Out What You Need

A self-storage facility will often have a variety of units to choose from, and all have different shapes and sizes. To determine which unit is the best for you, first consider what items you will be putting into self-storage.

If you plan to mostly store small items, like a couple of boxes, filing cabinets, or a couple of chests, you may need a walk-in closet unit. This is usually the smallest unit available at self-storage facilities. This type of unit is usually about 5x5 feet. If you want to store small pieces of furniture like couches, chairs, or dresses, you will need a bedroom size storage unit. This medium size unit is about 10x15 feet. If you want to store a lot of furniture, appliances, outdoor furniture, you will need a garage size storage unit. This is usually the largest size unit and is about 20x20 feet large. Once you decide on the best size of self-storage unit, you can begin searching for the best facility in your area.

Create a Budget

It is best to build your budget around the price of the best self-storage facility in your area. A self-storage unit will require monthly payments that depend on the size of your unit. The bigger the unit you have, the more you have to pay, respectfully. However, you should not pay more than you need to for a self-storage unit.

The smallest self-storage unit, a small walk-in closet size, usually costs around $40 to $50 every month. The medium size unit, about bedroom size, is about $75 to $140 a month without climate control. If you want climate control, it is about $115 to $150 a month. The largest size self-storage unit, the garage size, is about $225 a month.

The prices of a self storage rental unit will vary depending on your location. However, this article will hopefully help you get a rough idea about the cost of self-storage. This way, you can begin to create a budget to for your storage unit and decide how long you can afford to store your items.